Spread a Little #PurpleLove!!

The Purple Dog Network and other initiatives such as #SBS, #followbus and #piggyback are all great for helping you to gain followers but we would like to think our network is about a little more than that. We also encourage our members to help each other out by Retweeting, networking and making recommendations.

Yesterday, we reached the amazing milestone of 15,000 followers and to celebrate, we are announcing a Valentine’s giveaway to say Thank-you to some of the very special people who have helped us to get there.

Between now and 10th February, we would like you to nominate someone who you would like to receive one of our #PurpleLove gifts on Valentine’s Day.

To submit your nomination, all you need to do is tweet using the #PurpleLove hashtag, telling us who you would like to nominate and why. We will then choose 5 winners who will each receive a one of our gifts for Valentine’s Day.

And yes you’ve guessed it, I will be creating a #purplelove twitter list so you can check who has been nominated.

So get your thinking caps on and let us know who you think deserves a little #Purple Love!


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