Why you need Twitter Advocates…

When you first start marketing your business on Twitter, it can be tough to get your message across above all the other noise. With only a handful of followers, your tweet may disappear off the timeline before any of your followers get to see it.

However, if your best mate just happens to be on Twitter with 10,000 followers and retweets every single one of your Marketing tweets, your message is potentially being amplified several hundred times.

This is when the Twitter magic can really start to happen for your business and the followers, web hits and leads can really start to flow.

So what is a Twitter Advocate?

An advocate is someone who actively supports your business and recommends you to their friends and contacts. In the real world, this is known as “Word of Mouth” and is a hugely important source of business for many companies. These recommendations can happen in the pub, the playground, at work or at the bus stop but generally take some time to build up.

A Twitter Advocate is someone who recommends you to their followers and endorses your messages by retweeting them whenever they can. Unlike chance meetings in the pub or playground, this process can be instantaneous and reach a hugely wider audience than the handful of local friends.

Why do you need Twitter Advocates?

I hope the answer to this question should be fairly obvious by now. Twitter Advocates can help you to amplify your message hundreds of times and reach a large audience of potential customers instantaneously. Not only that, but an endorsement from someone they know, like and trust is far more powerful than a marketing message from a complete stranger.

How do you find your Twitter Advocates?

One approach might be to suck up to the celebrities with the largest number of followers in the hope that they might endorse your product or retweet your messages. I think we can all figure out that probably isn’t going to work.

So who are the people who are most likely to help you on Twitter and how do you develop them into advocates?

Here are some ideas:

1. Are your best customers on Twitter? Why not find them, add them to a list and ask them to help you to get your message across?

2. Are your friends on Twitter? Find them too and ask for their support.

3. Search your followers for those who are most active on Twitter and have the largest followings.

4. Look for people in your industry with large followings who could help you reach a targeted audience.

5. Watch your timeline to see who are the people who retweet and actively promote others.

6. Try networks like The Purple Dog Network who actively promote businesses like yours.

7. Create lists of the people you think could help you or who have retweeted or mentioned you.

8. Talk to some of these targets and get to know them.

9. Become an advocate yourself, retweeting interesting material and recommending products and services you value.

10. Don’t be afraid to ask for RTs both generally from your followers and specifically to your friends and contacts.

If you would like our help to identify your potential advocates or to help you to find advocates for your business, please get in touch using the link to our contact form below.





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  1. My followers are building nicely, I just need to up the amount to increase my web sales, can you help? I spend time reading tweets, retweeting, and following links to blogs, photo’s etc and this is helping. Just need a bit of help!

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